House of Gainz is a raw gym with a purpose. It’s a training facility intended for people to work-out in a judgement free environment. It is for the heavy lifters, chalk users, grunt growlers, or those who love to workout with loud pumping music. This place has a motivating atmosphere giving you that pump and leaving you with the sense of wanting more. Our mission is to let you be you, with a community of people truly inspiring one another to become better. This gym is a place where there is no division between groups. Whether you’re a body builder, crossfitter, marathon runner, gym rat, power lifter, pro-athlete or just starting out. House of Gainz has the equipment and layout needed for any type of workout. We encourage members to just do you without restrictions. House of Gainz gives you the freedom to grunt loudly when pressing that heavy weight, leave a pool of sweat from an intense session. Walk around with your massive jug of water. This is your sanctuary to be yourself.